Sunday, August 5, 2007

The saga on the trailer

The Boat repair has gone swimmingly with a lot of help from Larry .
In addition to patching the hole and installing a 6 inch Beckson Port he has helped with the prep and painting, so I am eternally greatful to him.
The trailer is another story though.
Dropping the axle was very easy.
After that I inspected the axle and running gear and discovered some major corrosion from marine dunking.
Once I removed the wheels this is what I was left with .
Viewed from the underside you can see the corrosion on the axle and slipper springs.
The axle appears to be shorter than the ones sold at Northern Tool by about 6 inches so I will have to go to a jet ski shop and see if they have the complete axle.
If I cant get it that way I will have to buy some channel iron and get it welded up.
Another option is getting the larger axle and moving the original fenders outward for correct fit.

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