Friday, August 17, 2007

Trailer rejuvenation

So here's the assembled trailer and a couple of pics of the hull.
Larry is a boat perfectionist and it shows in the hull paint job.
The next pic shows a close up and he's still not satisfied with it.
I hope he doesn't cringe when it goes into the water.

Trailer assembly part 1- "Parts is parts" The new axle built by Com-Fab. while looking around the shop i found these tires. They advised a traditional 5 spoke 12'' tire but I chose these so I could deflate them and use the trailer as a dolly in sand or on regular ground. They say thy are good to 600lbs before their limitations show up. Even if i am totally disgusted I can always go back and get the 12's . But working with a trailer builder means the advice is tempered by experience.

Everything ready to assemble .
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