Friday, August 17, 2007

Trailer details

The trailer reassembly weht fairly quickly as everyting lined up and was able to go together quickly.
Since I chose to use the low profile wheels the fender will eventually have to be adjusted, since the axle was 2 inches longer to accomadate the fatter tires .

The trailer hub was where I learned the greatest lesson. i t appears that instead of using bearing buddies you fill it with grease from tthe back and it pushes grease out of the rubber seal..sorta like a bearing seal failure only controlled. This is supposed to be a saltwater technology so I look forward to long bearing life and cool runnings man.

Size matters --At least in trailer tires . the new tire will help dissipate heat and has a max 50 psi max so it should run fine at 20 psi on sand or gravel beaches as a dolly tire.

Here's a better view of the difference
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